Getting your website done shouldn't be a hassle.

I'll work for you to make a professional and personalized site which meets your needs.

"What's included with my website?"

It depends on the type of site. First, we'll discuss the look and feel of your site, and the time involved to create it. For simple sites, I'll take the content you provide (text, images, downloads, links, etc.) and put them in all the right places. We'll go through a reasonable number of revisions with you until all is just right. For complex sites, there's more design and testing involved.

NOTE: Standard site prices do not include special services such as logo design, custom graphics, site translation or custom coding. Those services are extra and may require outside help.

"Do you offer hosting and support?"

Hosting: I recommend that you have ultimate control of your own site, and therefore I do not normally offer hosting. However, I can assist you with finding a cheap, reliable web host. It's easy to set up an account.

Tech Support: In terms of long-term support, once the site is complete and stable, further support is billed at an hourly rate. The rate varies based on the task; simple updates are fairly inexpensive. I will also provide you with documentation which will make it easy for another web developer to come in and fix things if need be.

"Can I hire you if I live in _______?"

Sure, you can be located elsewhere. For most projects, there's no sit down or face-to-face required. It's not a problem for me to complete a web project with you using email and phone; if necessary, we can also video chat or use a shared online workspace. This is the modern age, almost anything's possible now.

Rates and Pricing

"Good, cheap, or fast ... You can have two, but rarely all three."
It's a truism in life and definitely applies to websites. Let's discuss which of the two are most important to you.

  • Simple (HTML)

    Starting at $300

    You can get a good-looking, modern and super fast-loading site with multiple pages, media files and contact form. Customizations can include more.

  • Simple (Wordpress)

    Starting at $400

    A basic WP site built from templates. Includes FAQ, Contact (with map), Blog, Gallery and more. Wordpress makes it easy for you to edit info in the future.

  • Creative / Portfolio

    Starting at $450

    We'll showcase your artwork and services using a framework built with artists, photographers, writers and designers in mind. Get noticed!

  • Small Business

    Starting at $600

    Sites for professionals, restaurants, spas, agencies and other small businesses. Note: Booking systems and other features will cost extra.

  • Specialty Sites

    Contact for Estimate

    For sites such as Real Estate | Multi-Lingual | Job Listings| Classified Ads | Membership Sites | News, Magazines | or other complex CMS

  • Online Stores

    Contact for Estimate

    E-commerce can be added to almost any of the types lised above. For larger online shops, marketplaces or sales systems, please contact me.

Let's get in touch.